General terms and conditions

This website is offered to you by Lovalight, which has its offices at Dellestraat 21, 3220 Holsbeek, Belgium with VAT-number BE-0879211760. The general terms and conditions set out hereafter, that may be adjusted from time to time, apply to all services offered directly or indirectly by us online, by telephone or by email. Every customer is deemed to know and accept these general terms. To place an order the customer must be of age (18 years or older). By surfing to our web pages, viewing them, using them and ordering a product, the customer acknowledges the general terms and conditions – privacy policy included – and admits having taken cognizance of the general terms and conditions as well as having understood them and having agreed to them. These web pages and their contents are the property of and managed by Lovalight (‘Lovalight’, ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’), a division of Licht Op Groen BVBA. Lovalight offers these pages for your use on the conditions below.

The scope of our service

Without our explicit consent, it is prohibited to download, copy, use, reproduce or display for any commercial goal any information relating to content, services or products offered on our website.


Lovalight respects your privacy. The data necessary to complete your order will not be passed to a third party without your consent, unless doing so is legally obligated in whichever judicial arrondissement, but we retain the right to pass your personal data to our partner (group) companies (inside and outside the European Union), including our employees and our partner (group) companies’ employees, who need our permission to access this information, and who need to know or access this information in order to deliver our services (including customer services and internal research services, for the benefit of the customer). The customer has the right to peruse and correct his or her personal data at any time. For further information, please read our privacy policy.


Unless otherwise stated on the web pages or in the confirmation email, all prices on the Lovalight website are shown in euros, and include VAT, recupel, bebat and all other taxes, except in the case of changes brought to such taxes. The prices, as set out on the website, are binding (except in circumstances beyond our control). The recipient must declare the local recycling contribution. Nor Lovalight, nor Licht Op Groen BVBA, are responsible for declaring local or national recycling contribution.

Delivery times

The delivery times mentioned on the website are merely indicative. The delivery times may be exceeded due to circumstances beyond our control, for instance when a manufacturer is out of stock.

Order procedure and renunciation rights

Lovalight commits itself to observe the following rules concerning ordering procedures. Choosing products or services is not enough to validate an order. To confirm the order via Lovalight, Lovalight commits itself to give the customer a detailed overview of his purchases (detail + total cost all inclusive). The customer may cancel each order which has not been sent yet, except for made-to-order items or services (including products that are not part of the assortment and that have been ordered by quote). As soon as the order is sent, the customer will receive a confirmation email. Lovalight commits itself to deliver a product or a service, in accordance with the customer’s order.

Return policy

The customer may back out of a purchase within 14 days of delivery of the product.* To this end, he or she only has to notify us of his or her cancellation in writing (by post, by email) before the expiration of the return period. We can take back the products without extra administrative costs on the condition that they are unused and undamaged and packed in the original, undamaged product box. Therefore it is important that the customer insures the return, in case the product is damaged during transport. We can not accept a damaged product or a damaged product box, as manufacturers refuse damaged goods. Customers who wish to return a product without insurance will do so at their own risk. Returns are only possible with our explicit, preceding permission in writing.
If the product has arrived in a damaged condition, the customer must inform us within 6 days of delivery in the case of visible damage and within 14 days in the case of invisible damage. If the customer does not make a written statement of the transport damage (of the packaging and/or its content) on the consignment note when signing for receipt, we can not guarantee a replacement or reimbursement. It is therefore important to check the content of the package immediately when receiving your order. If a return is necessary, the damaged product must be returned in the original product box. The product must also be unused.

*Products that are not shown on the webshop and that were ordered by quote cannot be returned.

To back out of a purchase the customer must inform us by email or by post that he or she wishes to return the bought products, indicating name, contact information, invoice number and account number (in the case of an account number outside of Belgium, with mention of the IBAN number and the BIC/SWIFT code), and this within 14 days of delivery of the product. When we have received the return products, we will verify that they meet the requirements of our return policy. If the products do not meet our return requirements, they will stay the property of the customer and the customer will be responsible for collecting or sending back the product. If the products meet the return requirements, the customer is entitled to a replacement or a refund. The only costs that must be borne by the customer, are the direct costs for returning the product (shipping costs) to our return address in Belgium. In the following two cases, however, Lovalight, and not the customer, will pay the costs: if the delivered product or the service provided does not meet its description; and if Lovalight has not performed its duty to inform the customer about the product before or after making the deal.
If the customer wants to cancel an order which is already on its way, the delivery should not be accepted. If the delivery is accepted at the delivery address, the customer will have to pay the return costs.


The default warranty period amounts to 2 years for the lighting equipments (not for the lamps). During the reparation or replacement period the warranty period of 2 years will be put on hold. At the end of this period the consumer will not receive a new warranty period of 2 years, but the repaired product or the replacement product will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period. The warranty is invalid if the maintenance instructions or manual, delivered with the products, are not observed, or in the case of misuse of the delivered product, or if the customer has made changes to the product without our explicit permission. Lovalight can not accept any liability for damage to products resulting from weather conditions, overvoltage, negligent maintenance, incorrect connection by the client, or overheating resulting from use of light sources of too high wattage. In order to be able to use the warranty, the customer must return the products completely to Lovalight, if possible in the original product box and including all documentation and all accessories.


If the customer has a complaint, he or she can contact us via our contact page or by email. Within 5 working days, the buyer will be informed about the period in which he or she may expect a proposal solution to the dispute. If a complaint should arise, Lovalight prefers an amicable settlement. In case of a dispute, the only applicable law will be the Belgian Law.


Under the terms of this agreement, Lovalight is not liable for the loss of income, profit, contract or data or for consequential damage, indirect or other damage, regardless of the cause and irrespective of whether it is caused by tort (“onrechtmatige daad”) (negligence included) or by default or otherwise. Lovalight’s maximum total liability by virtue of the agreement, irrespective of whether this is caused by tort (negligence included) or otherwise shall under no conditions exceed the amount to be paid to Lovalight by the customer with regard to the manufacturer and/or services concerned.


The intellectual property (copyrights included) of the contents and the material and the information on our website is, unless stated differently, the property of Lovalight, the providers and the suppliers. Lovalight at all times reserves the right to remove an account or to delete Reward Points, if abuse and/or irregularities are detected. These general terms and conditions and the delivery of our services are to the highest extent allowed drawn up according to the law and each dispute that results from these general terms and conditions and our services, falls exclusively under the purview of the authorized courts in Belgium. In the case that any of the provisions of these terms and conditions is dissolved, the customer is still bound to all other provisions. In this case the invalid or dissolved provisions will be replaced by provisions which are binding and resemble as much as possible the previously valid provision which is inoperative/dissolved.